Celibacy Isn’t As Hard As People Project It To Be – My Celibacy Story

Today’s anonymous contributor is a 21-year-old female called Miss S who is a student in one of the Universities in Ghana

Being celibate is not easy but for me, it’s not as hard as people project it to be like.

I am celibate first of all because I’m Christian and the Bible teaches us to abstain from sex until marriage and that fornication is wrong, but I’m also celibate because, from a young age, it has been drummed into my ears by my parents not to have sex and all the “If you bring pregnancy home, we will sack you from the house” drama.

I mean, now that I’m older I know that there are ways to prevent pregnancy and all that but the biggest reason is because of my Christian faith.

What honestly keeps me going is God. I just keep asking him to give me the strength to fight temptations.

I think the hardest thing is having to suppress sexual urges. I love reading so I read books to get my mind off it. I listen to music as well and I also pray. When I feel like it could get out of hand, I will just keep praying! I also try as much as possible to avoid situations that can lead to sex as well.

I also talk to friends who are also celibate especially my sister. We find ways to get our minds off sex by playing games or something else.

“It gets really hard the week before I have my period because my hormones get all over the place! That week is a really difficult time.”

I think it’s a good idea to stay celibate but then again, it’s your choice to make.

“Sometimes, Christians forget that fornication is an equal a sin as lying or cheating or being envious of someone but they’re all on the same level. Sin is sin so if you say you’re being celibate because fornication is a sin, you have to ask yourself whether you’re dishonest, whether you’re envious of someone, whether you’re seeking someone’s downfall, whether you’re gossiping! Because all these things are all sins.”

You need to assess yourself and understand this logic. If you think you still want to be celibate, by all means go ahead but if not, you can go out there and have the sex you want, safely.

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