5 Annoying Ways Ghanaians Usually Greet People

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In Ghana, it’s not just a simple good morning or good evening or “hello, it’s been awhile!”


We go the extra mile to greet people in very special ways! If you are in Ghana, or met any of us, you’d know that these are the most common ways we greet people!

Comments about your weight gain/loss 

“You’re looking big oo” , “Are you sick? Why have you lost weight?” , “Where are you going to with all that weight?”

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It’s usually said in any of the local dialects which makes it sound worse and it comes with some touching… pulling your fat cheeks or weighing your arms in their hand.

Comments about how much you’ve grown/aged 

“You’ve grown oo!” , “I remember when you were a baby” , “You’ve become tall ooo where are you rushing to?” , “You’re looking like a mother now”

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Rude shocking remarks 

If you’ve changed anything and done what is considered drastic in the Ghanaian society (extra piercing, dyed hair) expect a rude exclamation asking…

“What is that on your head?” or “Ei what’s this you’ve done?”

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Accusations that you haven’t been in touch 

Doesn’t matter if they weren’t too. The first person to speak earns the right to accuse.

“You dawg me ooo”, “You don’t look for me!”

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Shock that you are alive 

“Ei are you alive?!” or “You dey?” which is a direct translation of “Are you there?” in all local dialects.

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All these greetings are usually from the older women… the “Aunties” and the best way to deal with them or respond is to smile and laugh a little and then, make up an excuse to rush off.

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