4 Ways To Cut Off Your Wedding Catering Costs

Weddings are very very expensive events but if we are being honest with ourselves, we will realise that, the event is usually to make people happy and enjoy themselves… not us.

Think about it. It’s your wedding and you want everything to be “perfect” so that everyone is comfortable and everyone is satisfied. We try to cater for everyone’s needs which is what causes a lot of money to be spent.

Take the food for example, I know someone who shared soft drinks and pastries on her wedding day inside the church and that was it. You don’t have any choice than to leave afterwards. The actual family members and close friends who knew the bride and groom’s house were the ones who were served with actual food. You see? There wasn’t too much cost involved. This could be you but you want people’s approval.

Here are 4 ways you can cut down cost when it comes to catering.

1. Get your family members to help cater for food needs

You don’t need to hire a catering service to provide guests with food since they can be really pricey. Get that Aunty and sort her out small. All you need to do is get the raw food items; she’ll do the rest for you as a favour for your wedding.

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