Struggles Ladies Trying To Gain Weight Relate To


There’s always talk about losing weight because apparently it’s harder but have you guys ever had to struggle to gain weight???

Yes, there are people who just need to breathe and they get as big as a balloon but for other people, it’s really really hard and nobody talks about it enough. When it’s talked about, people treat it as though it’s just one of those things but it’s a whole issue.

Here are some struggles women who try to gain weight can relate to.

1. Nobody understands why you want to gain weight

A meme is born: Former Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards guard Michael Jordan cries as he takes the podium during his enshrinement ceremony into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass., on Sept. 11, 2009

Everyone seems to think your body is “perfect” meanwhile you just want a little fat to cover up your bony butt and hips. You aren’t asking for too much, just a little fat but they don’t get it so they ask you to shush. Sigh

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