Signs You Have Combination Skin

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One of the popular skin types is the combination skin. While a lot of people think they have an oily skin or dry skin, they usually have a combination of both since they get oily in some spots and dry in others.

Here are some signs that show that you have combination skin.

1. About 20-30 minutes after washing your face, you see that some part of your face is dry and other parts are really oily.

2. Your forehead, down the nose and your chin (T-zone) gets oily really fast.

3. After moisturizing, your T-zone gets really oily whiles your cheeks are fine

4. You have larger pores on your nose than other areas of your face

5. You have dandruff. A lot of people with combination skin tend to have dry, flaky patches on their scalp as well.

6. You get breakouts when on your period making it seem like you have an oily skin but they immediately clear up afterwards and even get really dry.

7. You have an “oily skin” when the sun is always out but a “dry skin” in harmattan.

If you do have combination skin, next week we will share the ways to care for it so it doesn’t become a headache anymore.


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