Ghanaian Artist Jessica Ohemeng Explores The Female Body In A Unique Way

Ghanaian Artist Jessica Ohemeng

Ghanaian Artist Jessica Ohemeng explores the female body in a unique way.

Jessica who is a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), where she had her Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Ghanaian Artist Jessica Ohemeng

Ohemeng finds interest in interrogating notions of the ‘ideal figure’ and body adornment systems in urban areas of Kumasi and Accra.

She is obsessed with the exotic female body and how Western standards of beauty have played out in recent times.

Ghanaian Artist Jessica Ohemeng

Jessica focuses mainly on the female torso; the part of the body centered for justifying beauty standards in her society. She sought to reinvigorate figurative painting by challenging the limits of the genre and raising questions about the society’s perception about the body and its potential. By probing the aforementioned in our contemporary era, she experiments with intimate objects, wood and plant fibres to create tool and support for her paintings.

Ghanaian Artist Jessica Ohemeng,

She is influenced by both modern and traditional means of sculpting the body and mainly concerned with the emergence of body sculpting objects and undergarments that have coincided with standards of beauty.

Ohemeng lives and works in Kumasi, Ghana

Source: Comtemporary Art Ghana

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