Cardi B Knows Ghana Is Not Mad At Her ‘Nomooo’

image via Instagram//@Chocolateclothesgh

Cardi B is an amazing musician and a lot of Ghanaians were excited that she came to Ghana last December.

However, the trip to Ghana became a huge Public Relations nightmare when some of the Ghanaian celebrities became angry that she was not present at the scheduled Meet and Greet.

In Cardi B’s defense, a different time of the Meet and Greet was communicated to her.

At the end of the day, the no show at the earlier Meet and Greet resulted in a social media clash that painted a dark picture of Cardi B’s trip to Ghana.

However, with Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion’s new song ‘WAP’ rising to the TOP 5 of the Apple Music chart in Ghana, Cardi B believes we are no longer mad at her.

She reacted to the news of WAP climbing in the chart by saying “I guess Ghana not mad at me nomoooo.”

“I love Ghana always,” she added.

Ghana loves Cardi B too.


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