The Artiste Who Lives To Stimulate The Masses—ToluDaDi

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For an artiste, making music is a way of capturing identity. Every musician puts parts of themselves into the music that we jam to. And the artiste ToluDaDi in particular, makes projects that announce—just with their sound—that, “this … is West African music!”

Toluwalope Ajani Ojelabi is a Nigerian born talent based here in Ghana. In fact, he moved here around the time that he was going to JSS 2. The Central University graduate has been making music professionally since 2017. And his latest project Stimuli has just passed the 100,000 streams milestone. So, who is the man behind the music?

ToluDaDi: The Passionate Pro-African Music Maker

Photograph of ToluDaDi

In his words, ToluDaDi has been into music since the day that he was born. He has been in the choir for most of his life. So, yes. Music is something that comes naturally to the artiste. However, his professional journey is a fairly recent one. In a way, ToluDaDi was reluctant to pursue music seriouslyit’s not a decision that you make lightly. But he was encouraged, rather passionately, from the start by his brother and a friend. They got him into the studio. And he must have made magic that day—because after recording his first song, they built a whole studio in his house.

Photograph of ToluDaDi

ToluDaDi found that his music affected people. To him, it became something that he had to do. He felt it was a service that he owed. At the start of his journey into professional music, ToluDadi rapped. He’s a big Eminem fan, so naturally he wanted to do something along those lines. However, with rap he just couldn’t capture the essence of being West African. And for someone who is pro-African that didn’t sit well.

Currently, ToluDaDi makes music that is put in the “World Music” category. He cites Nigerian musicians Fela and Lagbaja as having influenced his particular style. But there’s still one person that needs to be mentioned. That person is Baba Wvd; the producer behind ToluDaDi’s music.

I Trust Him As Much As I Trust Myself.


The Making Of STIMULI

Photograph of ToluDaDi

Some time last year, ToluDaDi knew that he wanted to make a project. He had no idea what the project would sound like, or what he wanted to put on it. He knew just one thing; what he wanted to make people feel when they heard the project. And he named the project after that feeling: STIMULI. For this album, the artiste found that recording came so easily. In fact, he ended up recording so many songs that a lot of them did not make the cut. In the end, Stimuli took a month to create—aside the coordination of features.

And no one can doubt the fact that Stimuli is an incredible project; not even the artiste himself. However, ToluDaDi is in constant competition with himself. He believes that we haven’t heard the best of him.

Photograph of ToluDaDi

Now, being musician requires—other than talent—resources. You need money to be able to push your music. Even if what you make is good, you have to be heard. In the artistes words, “it’s all passion and love until you realize nothing is really organic.” Marketing is an essential aspect of being on the music scene, and it does come at cost. So, ToluDaDi is appreciative of the platforms that support emerging artists.

My Dream Is Fucking Expensive.

—ToluDaDi (Fvcking Expensive).

You Can Watch The Video For “Accra Love Story” Off The Stimuli Album Here.

ToluDaDi can also be found on the following platforms:


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