Lies Everyone Has Told At A Job Interview

I know immediately you read the headline you laughed a little under your breath and one particular lie came to mind. Let us know what it was in the comments section. Lol.

Everyone has done this before. Hw3! Whatever is needed to be said to secure the job will be said. No matter what. It is when you actually start the job that you realise that Charley! You really shouldn’t have said what you said but your bills won’t pay themselves. You need the money so you just shut up and endure everything.

Lol. Here are some lies every single person has said at a job interview.

1. I work well under pressure

This is an anthem for some of you meanwhile, you’re a mess under pressure but do they know that yet? Nope! So you use that to your advantage. When you get the job and the pressure that comes with it, you make the washroom your second home as you go there to cry tears of frustration. Lmao!!

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