Here Is Why The Movie “Kasanova” Is A Must Watch


If you really need to binge on something amusing and riveting or something to relax your nerve after a busy day or to kill boredom then there’s no cooler way to do so other than watching Kasanova.

From the title, you could have easily assumed that it would be a movie about a philanderer (someone who has an affinity for anything in a skirt) and maybe many sex scenes only but it is much more interesting than that. So here’s why you need to see these movies if you haven’t yet

Kasanova is a Nigerian romantic-comedy film that tells the story of a single father who after losing his wife became a Casanova, indulging in flimsy flings with his so-called nurse” until he met his son’s music teacher (also a single mother) or should I say the mother of his son’s crush who then impacted him on a few lessons of love and friendship but not without an initial heated confrontation.

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Their children could be said to have been part of those who unconsciously made the love affair between their parents bloom. All these started when Alvin Abayomi, who plays Jason, and his two friends often bump into Ini, they are all colleagues at the University of Lagos. Jason is an average teenager who knows he is good-looking and can get any girl he wants but the girl he notices snubs him half the time and is pretty intelligent as well. She turns out to be the unassuming Ini, daughter of Ms Jessica. Somehow, they devised a way of bringing their parents back together after the fight the duo had.

Then we have the cast which is made up of multiple award-winning and beautiful actresses who executed their character and roles in the movie perfectly. I mean excellently well! They include Wale Ojo as (Femi), Ireti Doyle (Ms Jessica), Alvin Abayomi(Jason) and Ruby Akubueze (Ini).

Yes! There were also other great actors who added the necessary element of comedy in the movie. We had the likes of Toyin Aimakhu who played the role of nosey but protective Bisola, Odunade Adekola (security), Ayo Makin (Lecturer Robin hood), Binta Mogaji (Mama) and Helen Paul. Trust me, their roles complimented the movie.

Kasanova though isn’t really an original storyline but at least the characters weren’t stereotypes. It’s an English movie that has a blend of Yoruba dialect. Produced by Eddy young, and directed by Oluseyi Amuwa, the movie was partly shot in the University of Lagos (UNILAG). The hilly places seen in the movie were also shot in Abeokuta, precisely on Olumo Rock. The combination of both locations uniquely blended well in the movie.

The cinematographer, as well as the lighting technician and sound technician, did quite a good job from the beginning of the movie to the end. The end? You would wish the movie never ended, truth be told, there’s no way you wouldn’t want to re-watch this movie as each scene was just too good to be missed.

So, if you’re looking for a movie to crack you up and give you hope, Kasanova should do just fine… Have you added it to your list of movies to be downloaded yet?, kindly do so now.


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