6 Meals That Taste Better Only When A Ghanaian Man Makes It

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Most guys rarely cook and even more don’t even know how but, we can all agree that there are some meals that taste extra good only when a guy makes them. 

Maybe it’s the experimenting with the ingredients or they have a special touch inherited from Adam and waiting to be unlocked but…these meals, by men? Delicious!

Fried Rice (Check Check)

street food fried rice via Pinterest

Honestly, if you see a woman selling street side fried rice, it’s fake. Find the one with a guy over the stove! They make it best!


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Especially when it’s indomie. They have a way around it that makes it extra tasty! Whatever the magic is, keep it coming!


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Ladies, when a guy knows how to cook Jollof, you better believe it will taste much better than yours!

Grilled meat

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Maybe it’s just me but when men grill the domedo (pork) and chicken during a barbecue, it tastes better!

Kontomire (abomu)

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This is the kontomire that’s made in the earthenware pot with salted dried fish (Koobi) and usually eaten with boiled yam or boiled unripe plantain. When a guy makes it, trust that it’d be extra tasty!

Pepper Soup/Lightsoup

There’s a reason people say “Barima nkwan” (A man’s soup) It always has huge chunks of any and every type of meat!

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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