5 Ridiculous Reasons Why We Were Punished In High School

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Do you ever think back to your time in Junior High and Senior High School and wonder why you were punished for certain things?

These are the ones that really made no sense!

When you fail a subject

Like, was it your fault you were a bit of a dimwit? Was it your fault you couldn’t pass the mark? Studying was hard! Why get punished because your brain refuses to cooperate?

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When you don’t finish your notes

Teachers inspect your notes and lash you for not having complete notes. Who’s going to end up failing? You or the teacher? What is it to them if you want to sabotage your own success?

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When you don’t go for dining 

Is it by force to go for dining when you’re not hungry? Your own stomach ooo! 

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When your hair is considered “bushy”

First of all, it’s not my fault I’m not ‘brenya’! Some people’s hair grow fast naturally and it was no fault of theirs that their coils and curls wanted to break free.

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When you’re caught in class after prep.

They tell you to study and when you choose to go the extra mile, they punish you for not being in your bed, sleeping. Ps: they’re the same people who will punish you when you fail!

High school was hard.

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