10 People You Would See At A Nigerian Funeral


Let’s be factual, no man can live on earth forever except he’s a vampire or some kind of sorcerer.

That doesn’t mean that vampires can’t be killed with a stake to their heart or a sorcerer burnt in a fire as I have seen in many horror movies.

After death, the dead are buried then there’s the funeral that is supposed to be a solemn event for loved ones to mourn the dead, yet different characters are seen that leaves one to wonder if they really came for the funeral.

The oversabi ones

A different kind of funeral | North of Lagos

These are those people sitting by the relatives’ sides looking extremely distraught by the death of a person. You would find them shouting and shedding crocodile tears nonstop when in reality they hardly know the deceased. Are those eye drops going to wake the dead or fill up a well?

The impatient ones

15,000 mourners attend Muhammad Ali's funeral | The Guardian Nigeria News -  Nigeria and World NewsWorld — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World  News

The ones who can’t sit still and listen to the priest’s sermon for five whole minutes. They are seen texting and taking pictures or simply strolling around. These people can be either be close or distant to the deceased, and are sometimes deeply affected by death, but they just cannot abide by funeral etiquette.

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