The Ghanaian Way Of Getting Over A Bad Breakup

We’ve all seen movies where people are getting over a bad breakup and it involved them missing everything including class or their jobs just to sit in their rooms and cry and… this really isn’t the Ghanaian way. Most of them have ice creams by their side as their comfort food and… this truly isn’t the Ghanaian way.

Here are some of the ways Ghanaians get over a bad breakup.

1. Parte after Parte

A DJ Lean Wit It party at Warehouse on Watts in July 

There’s no way a girl will break a guy’s heart and his boys won’t encourage him to do things that will keep his mind off it and vice versa. First on the list of things is to party! Go to the club and drink and have fun! See that there are other girls in the world and get over the one you were pining after.

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