Reasons Why Laycon Is Everyone’s #BBNaija Fave Of The Week

Laycon, BBNaija housemate//image via Twitter

We all know about the love triangle in the BBNaija house right? 

Laycon, Erica and Kiddwaya aka Kidd.

So, Laycon likes Erica and Erica likes Kiddwaya but she keeps sending mixed signals Laycon’s way talking about she loves his mind.

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Kiddwaya? He’s a known flirt who’s had his share of flirting with other girls before Erica but…He’s just drop dead gorgeous so he’s forgiven.

Laycon, Erica and Kidd

Laycon is head over heels Cos even though he sees Erica choosing Kidd every time, he still appears by her side when she needs him. 

In fact, when they had their Saturday night jam, he took care of her drunk self and put her to bed only for her to keep calling for Kidd and… this happened. 

For those who don’t know, Laycon is the guy in locs looking on as the girl he just put to bed to make sure she was okay kisses the other guy 

Twitter was in chaos on Saturday night and even Teni said a word of prayer for poor Laycon

But… the tides have turned and it looks like he’s the new favourite for the week of all the BBNaija viewers. 


He did a grownup thing and had a conversation with Erica basically telling her “Bro, we can’t do this. You cannot do this to me. Choose”

Of course Erica did the girl thing and asked why she couldn’t choose them both. Laycon didn’t succumb even after she told him she will stop kissing Kidd if that bothered him.

“Stop kissing Kidd only if you want to. Not because I want to” — Laycon

His maturity is being applauded and to add to that, we found out he refused to kiss Erica when she was drunk and asked him to… this is a gentleman who understands the concept of consent!

Twitter loves him!

He went from being the embarrassing puppy…

To a hero


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