7 Nicknames Boys Called Someone With A Big D In SHS

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You know how people get called names in Senior High School because of one thing or the other?

Well, we just found out that in boys’ schools, they had nicknames for endowed guys… guys with big Ds.

If you think it’s weird, know that Senior High Schools has communal bathhouses so naturally, everyone could see everyone’s business.

Sex educator, @amisdiaries asked this question on Twitter some days ago

and the answers were interesting!

1. Roddy Piper

Now this might be the name of someone but piper? No be small ‘piping’… *wink


This makes sense right?

3. Gbola

I don’t know what this means but it sounds apt because it sounds like an extreme version of the pidgin word “bola” which means big.

4. General

Because you have to salute in its presence!

5. King Bull

Lol bulls are usually considered aggressive but a King Bull? Wow…

6. Bodua

This is the twi word for tail!

7. Tw* Pole

A pole for her to climb on? Sounds about right!

What weird name did your school have for these endowed guys?

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