6 Helpful Chrome Extensions To Improve Working From Home

4. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

For a free tool, Nimbus does A LOT of really useful things that over a million people are very grateful for on a daily basis. We recommend checking the extension out in detail, but for the sake of this article, we’re focussing on the extension’s ability to help you quickly and easily capture images and videos of your computer screen.

If you’re trying to collaborate remotely with colleagues while working from home it can be difficult to get people to understand instructions over the phone alone. Visuals are an essential part of explaining processes or instructions. Nimbus lets you capture whole or partial screenshots. You can then use the tool to add graphics, such as arrows and stickers, text boxes, highlight text, and blur out areas you don’t want to be seen before you send it to a workmate.

Similarly, Nimbus allows you to record video from your screen to make a screencast, so you could easily “show” someone how to do something without having to fuss with remote access set-ups. This is particularly useful if you work with people in different timezones to you.


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