Umar Mohammed, Ph.D.: How A 15-Year-Old Boy From Rural Ghana Bagged A Ph.D.

Umar Mohammed. Photo credit: US Embassy Ghana

Sometimes due to the circumstance we find ourselves in, it often feels like the odds are stuck against us.

Growing up poor in the Northern Region, one’s outlook on life could be very narrow which may often result in continuing the vicious poverty cycle.

However, Umar Mohammed is has had a very inspiring flip on the script.

Now at 30 years old, Umar who grew up in poor family in Northern Region has earned his Ph.D. in the United States of America.

Umar’s story changed almost 15 years ago when he met officials of the United States Embassy in the Northern Region.

The interaction was through the US-funded YES programme – Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program.

He was one of the first students from the Northern Region to be on the programme.

“This opportunity afforded me then opened my small world to wider horizons through my experience of American life at such a young age,” Umar told the US Embassy after his Ph.D. graduation.

“My experience in Texas was a continuation of that intercultural exchange journey the YES Program got me started on back then,” he added.

“I’ve had to lean on some of the knowledge from those exchange years to navigate my time in rural Texas. My graduation is a culmination of my near 15-year experience with American people and America,” he said.

Since joining the YES programme, it has been one success story after the other.

They came with their own challenges, however, his Ph.D. graduation proves the point that it was all worth it.

Congratulation, Umar.

Source:||US Embassy Ghana

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