Stonebwoy Videos With Over A Million Views On YouTube


Can I just say that Stonebwoy has worked??!! Like really really hard.

Not to shade anyone but when I was compiling my list for Top 10 Sarkodie videos with over a million views, a lot of the videos were from 4,5 and even 6 years ago. The most years Stonebwoy had was 5 years and it appeared just once.

The rest are videos starting from just 3 months ago to 3 years ago. He has really been working!

I was really impressed by the fact that, Nominate, which featured Keri Hilson has over 3 million views. It was uploaded about 3 months ago.

His number one song has over 6 million views and that one was uploaded just 10 months ago. It hasn’t even been a year yet!

I was so excited for him because even the video at number 10 has over 2 million views!

Check the full list out here.


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