Do You Know What A Centibillionaire Is? Mark Zuckerberg Joins This Exclusive Club Of Three

Billionaires are so rich and petty that they even have more classifications to prove that there are levels to being a billionaire.

Even for billionaires, some have arrived more than others.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has seen an increase in his fortune. It has passed $100bn (for your own mental health we won’t be giving you the cedi equivalent).

This is the first time his fortune has hit the $100 billion mark and this has added him to an exclusive club of the world’s centibillionaires, The Guardian reports.

His rise in fortune came after Facebook’s shares surged on news it is to launch a rival to the video-sharing app TikTok.

Facebook announced the US rollout of Instagram Reels, its answer to the Chinese app TikTok, as the US president, Donald Trump, issued bans on American companies transacting with its parent company, ByteDance, and Tencent, which owns the WeChat messaging service.

Zuckerberg owns a 13% stake in Facebook and his net worth passed $100bn as shares in the social network surged by 6% on investor optimism over the prospects of the TikTok rival.

The 36-year-old joins the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates, Microsoft’s founder, as the only people who have status according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index as a centibillionaire – the term commonly used, perhaps incorrectly, for those with a net worth of more than $100bn.

A centibillionaire is someone worth $100 billion and more.

Source:||The Guardian

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