Ivorian Music We Never Understood But We All Sang

Meiway is a popular artiste from Ivory Coast

Today, Ivory Cost is celebrating their Independence Day and naturally, as neighbours of Ghana, we just have to join them in celebrating!!!

Because everything is better with music, what’s better than showing our support through their music!

These are some songs you’ve definitely heard and danced to before without knowing they are from Ivory Coast!

Zoplazo – Meiway

Meiway’s Zoplazo is one song most of us knew way before we even found out who sang it! Meiway is quite popular in Ghana and has been on several interviews here and played several shows.

Miss Lolo – Meiway

Meiway is practically Ghanaian as well as he’s been said to be Nzema. He speaks the language and if you know it, you’d hear it in this song we all know!

Premiere Gawu – Magic System

Everyone knows the song and I can swear that most of us sing it wrongly. Magic System is another one of Ivory Coast’s biggest ‘music exporters’. They are a band of 4 members.

Gbogborlor – DJ Arafat

Before his unfortunate demise, DJ Arafat was one of the biggest artistes in Ivory Coast. His music went beyond borders and he even has features with Davido and JMartins.

Did the older ones trigger some memories??

I hope so.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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