How Ghanaians Turned Into Jamaicans Yesterday On Twitter

Fela Kuti as a meme//image via Last FM

We’ve been educating y’all on the similarities between Ghana and Jamaica and we’ve talked about how much Ghana has influenced Jamaican language but…nothing prepared us for what happened on Twitter yesterday.

Yesterday, Jamaicans celebrated their Independence day by flooding Twitter with photos of themselves, videos of the country and most importantly videos of the women doing what they do best… dancing (whining).

Ghanaians went crazy and lots of our people tried to shoot their shots by trying to communicate with the Jamaicans in patois and even pretended to be Jamaicans for the day!

Some decided the best thing to do was to take some Popcaan lyrics and post them!

Even Shatta Wale’s Gringo lyrics came in handy!

Whatever this circus was, we know it all came from a place of love! Clearly, Ghanaians adore Jamaicans!


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