The Different Types Of Makeup Powders You Should Know About


Over the past 2 weeks we’ve spoken extensively on different foundation types, how to know what type of foundation to get and what to use to apply your foundation; whether a beauty blender or a foundation brush.

Today is all about the types of makeup powders out there.

Face powders help reduce the visibility of your pores and helps cover up how oily your skin actually is. It’s the perfect finishing touch for every makeup application and should not be skipped.

Here are the different types of powder.

1. Loose Powder

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One of the common makeup powders that you can find in the market is loose powders. Loose powders come in different colors, but the most common are those that are translucent or the colorless shade. The cosmetic powder is a great option to achieve even finish. Mineral loose powders are one of the common types of loose powder. (Source:

2. Pressed powder

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Many compacts come in a pressed powder formula. These are easily applied with a makeup sponge. This powder is used to set makeup, add some coverage and mattify the skin. It is generally available in more shades than most loose powders. This gives a natural finish. The compacts can be carried in the bag easily and are great for quick touch-ups. It is easy to apply the compact to your face to refresh it up quickly before leaving the workplace. (Source:

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