Social Media Accounts That You Should Be Following If You’re Unemployed

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Job Searching is stressful. In fact, a lot of HR Experts would advice that you take the job search as seriously as you would an actual job. So today, we’re here to offer a little help. There are some social media accounts that are constantly updated with resources that will be helpful if you’re employed. These accounts focus on Job Search Skills, Job Opportunities and other ways to self-improve while you’re unemployed.

1. JobTube Ghana (Twitter)

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

JobTube Ghana (@espioj) is an account that posts job vacancies daily. Numerous vacancies are posted by the account everyday; in various industries as well as across various levels of qualification—including entry level. The account also posts career advice and CV/Interview Tips. It’s an incredible resource that will take some of the pressure of your job searching. Follow the account and turn your notifications on.

2. Africa Skills Hub (Twitter)

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Africa Skills Hub (@AfricaSkillsHub) is an account that aims to build youth skills through a practical approach. That includes virtual training programs and expert conversations. In addition to that the account constantly posts resources and opportunities that are relevant unemployed youth, as well as budding entrepreneurs.

3. Circumspecte (Instagram)

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Circumspecte (circumspecte_) is an account that focuses on teaching digital skills. Currently, the Circumspecte account hosts a weekly series called CV Convos where experts from different fields share their experiences getting into their respective fields, as well as CV tips for those fields. There’s a lot of practical benefits to following the Circumspecte page. In addition to that, there are also the occasional motivational words that the account posts that speak to job seekers.

4. Propeled Scholar (Instagram)

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PropelED (@propeledscholar) is an Instagram account, with a linked WhatsApp group. The account posts scholarship opportunities for undergrad students as well as post graduate scholarship opportunities. Using the Instagram Live feature, the account also hosts people with experience studying abroad to share tips and how-tos.

5. Acreaty Ghana (Instagram)

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Acreaty Ghana (@acreaty_ghana) is the account of an HR company. The account frequently posts adverts for open positions that the company is trying to fill.

6. Role Model Africa (Instagram)

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Role Model Africa (@rolemodelafrica) is a platform that adopts mentoring as a strategic tool to groom young Africans. On this account’s page, you will find various resources to help make you more employable, as well as tips to get you through the door and help you land the job.

If there are any accounts that you feel fall within this category, don’t hesitate to share. Leave a comment below.



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