Popular Relationship Advice To Ignore

Image of a meme. Source: Twitter

A number of people give a lot of invalid relationship advice and a lot of people actually believe and follow them which is really sad and wrong.

We need to be mindful about these pieces of advice as they can cause you your happiness when it comes to relationships. Check 5 of them out.

1. Lower your standards

This is especially told to women who aren’t married yet and it’s really sad. In this life, you need to know your worth otherwise you’ll always be taken for granted. You absolutely do not need to lower your standards when looking for a man especially when those standards aren’t superficial like the man’s appearance or the money he has. If you want your partner to have certain values, there’s no reason why you should forget about that all in the name of “you’re getting older”. There really is someone out there for you with those exact values. All you have to do is to be patient.

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