Ghanaian Bozoma Saint John Makes A Super Extra Entrance As Netflix’s Head Of Marketing

Bozoma-Saint-John Netflix Chief Marketing Officer

Ghanaian business executive, Bozoma Saint John is being unapologetically herself and we are here for it and more of it.

This month, she started work at Netflix as the Chief Marketing Officer at the streaming platform.

But Bozoma didn’t get in quietly…

No no no… she went in there like someone who belongs there just like the others who work there.

She walked into Netflix with a bang by sharing a self love video.

The video is full of Bozoma being extra and loving who she is with no apology to anyone.

Oh… and when a hater tried to drag her by accusing her of self-promotion, Bozoma basically told him to keep his hate to himself and “sit and watch.”

She is a whole mood.


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