Ghanaian Artist Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway Captures The Contradictions Of Society By Exploring The World Around Her

Ghanaian Artist Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway

Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway a Pan Africanist performance artist, sculptor, textile designer, and painter, Cecilia sees the African metaphysical universe as the inspiration for her paintings.

Cecilia’s art largely reflects her interrogation about Womanhood, Blackness and the Divinity of the African woman!  As a performance artist her works showcases the divinity of the African Woman!

Ghanaian Artist Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway

Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway describes herself as a Cosmopolitan Artist born to a Ghanaian father and a Nigerian Mother.

Cecilia is a sought-after artist whose works have been exhibited in China, Europe, Canada and America.

Painting in acrylic and oil on Newspapers, Adire and Batik fabrics, Cecilia’s use of colours reveals a deep insight into an artist who is daring and pushes the boundaries of our imagination.

Cecilia’s use of Batiks and Adire motifs in her paintings reveal an intricate sense of geometry and a delicate balance to achieve a symmetry with colors. These fabrics always provides a vibrant dimension as props to her paintings.

Ghanaian Artist Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway

In her Artist Statement, Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway describes her art in details,

My current art project tentatively titled Imaginations, Art and Society chronicles my journey as an Artist in space and time. My artistry is always evolving with my social location in society. My journey as an artist captures the contradictions of society as I explore the world around me. I see women as the foundational power of African societies, yet they are always marginalized and dominated by patriarchal power. My Art questions this domination and seeks to provide an alternative narrative. Everyday objects around me provides materials for my artistry.

The use of discarded old newspapers, African fabrics and discarded computer panels in my art reflects my dialogues and conversations with my society.

The newspapers provide visibility and voices to people who are marginalized. The computer panels speak to the potent and unseen power of the voiceless in society. It is this dialogue between voice and power that I explore in my paintings. But that is not enough.

How do I involve society as active participants in this dialogue?

Ghanaian Artist Cecelia Lamptey-Botchway

It is this process I seek to explore by incorporating Performance Art in my overall project. I share the view that Performance Art as a practice and a process serves as an instrument for dialogue in addressing challenges for Gender equality and ending the subordination of women in our society.

My art and paintings see the African woman as divine and as mystical. The African woman as divine and mystical is the embodiment of the soul of our society. My performance art together with my paintings explores this dynamic.

Nneka, Mother is supreme:

In some African cultures when a Man dies, it is the mother’s family that buries him.

​Through my paintings, performance art and installations, I try to capture this dialectic with society.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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