COVID-19 Just Ruined These Very Major Events For Us

Image via Twitter//TidalRaveGH

Every year, there are some major events everyone saves towards and plans for. Other events plan their dates around these ones because the whole of Accra shows up there but..

COVID-19 has ruined plans!!!

We cannot tell how long the virus is going to be around with no vaccines or cure but one thing we do know is our Snapchat memories will remind us of these

Tidal Rave 

The biggest beach party in Accra would have happened in July. If not for COVID-19, we would have been talking about the fun we had! Last year lasted for 3 whole days and some of us swore we won’t sleep as much as we did last year. But… we this.

Kenkey For The Needy 

2019 flyer via Twitter//KenkeyForTheNeedy

Kenkey For The Needy from Tatas and Friends usually happened late July or early August. The event is another one that people plan their year around and we don’t blame them because this is something you could not afford to miss! Good vibes, great music and best of all, amazing kenkey sold with a million and one accompaniments available for everyone. The best part of it all is, all proceeds are given to charity.


Art installation at Charlewote//image via Africa On The Rise

The Charlewote street festival is another event usually in August, that you just don’t think of missing. The event usually takes place on the streets of Jamestown. Amazing art is displayed in all forms and of course, good food is available everywhere!

These events were the kind you go to with friends and expect to have fun. You always meet people you haven’t seen in years, make new friends and everyone goes home with memories that will last forever.

It’s a sad ting that they always pull in crowds because it’s for that same reason that we are missing them to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

Fingers crossed that a miracle happens before December because you and I know that there are way too many concerts and events we do not want to miss!


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