BlaQad—The Artiste Taking You To His Happy Place Through Music

Photograph of BlaQad: Gideon Gbewonyo

Gideon Gbewonyo is a graduate of the University of Ghana. He’s also the musical artiste known as BlaQad. Gideon’s induction into music has been a sort of … natural progression. And that’s because the artiste has always had a love for the medium. Gideon is the type to listen to a song for two-weeks straight if it’s something he connects with. So when he finally picked up making music himself, it came easy to him. And BlaQad was born.

BlaQad is an artiste who can’t explain that name in words. But just know this:

When You See Me,

That’s BlaQad.

—Gideon Gbewonyo

High School Cyphers And Breaking Bounds To The Studio

Photograph of BlaQad: Gideon Gbewonyo

BlaQad attended Wesley Grammar Senior High School in Accra. It’s during that time that he had his musical shift from just being a consumer of the medium, to becoming someone who made music. In high school, there was always a Cypher coming out. And BlaQad would hear one of those, or a rap song or a piece of music going around. He knew then … that what he was hearing was not out of his reach. He could make that.

For the record, Gideon Gbewonyo never broke any school rules. However, the artiste known as BlaQad, while he was in high school would often break bounds to go to the studio. BlaQad and his boys loved making music. And so they did.

After high school, BlaQad went on to the University of Ghana to study music. As a music student, Gideon’s dad would ask if this was what he wanted to do. And his tone would not be encouraging. Similarly, his mother’s reaction has also been short of enthusiasm. But in all this;

I’m Drawing Plans Like Leonardo Da Vinci, So Someday My Mother’s Prayers Will Be A Reality.

—BlaQad (April’s Very Own)

The Road To Flight 1304

Photograph of BlaQad: Gideon Gbewonyo

When he was in Level 200 in Legon, BlaQad made an announcement to his friends: he was going to drop a tape. He was met with a lot of excitement and support from his boys. Of course, the tape would not drop until three years later when BlaQad was serving out his national service as a TA at the University of Ghana’s music department.

As a TA, BlaQad had access to the music department’s studio, and it was where he birthed his debut EP, Flight 1304. As we’ve said, BlaQad enjoys listening to music. He learns from listening to what he likes. And building on the elementary production course taught by the music department, he has crafted his own style. That style comes through on Flight 1304, which was co-produced and mastered by Bookah. The EP was recorded in a month.

And it makes sense that when the tape dropped his boys went crazy: “You actually do the thing!”

BlaQad—Moving Forward

Photograph of BlaQad: Gideon Gbewonyo

There are a lot of artistes that BlaQad admires musically. The list is too long to put into a 10-minute read. But outside of making music, he admires how much Mr Eazi is pushing the business side of things.

BlaQad has been on a hiatus from music for a while because of the pandemic. However, there have been events in his life that he is eager to capture with his art.




You can listen to Flight 1304 on streaming platforms. Wishing Well is a personal favourite. Enjoy.



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