Are These Myths About Ghanaian Men True?

Shirtless men at Charlewote street festival//image via

After a very long and close observation of different women around the world and in Ghana, we’ve come to the conclusion that these are some perceptions people have about Ghanaian men and… do you think any of them is true?

Ghanaian men are short

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It seems to be a worldwide conviction that Ghanaian men come in small sizes. There are tall ones but majority don’t go past 5’8.

Ghanaian men are super sweet 

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Apparently, the sweetest men are from Ghana. If they’re in love with you or they even like you, you’d enjoy because they’d make you feel good.

Ghanaian men have big buttocks

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Legend has it that most Ghanaian men are as endowed as their women.

Ghanaian men are mummy’s boys 

This is something you keep to yourself because if you shout it hmmm

Ghanaian men don’t cheat 

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what did we leave out?


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