8 Tips To Take Better Pictures Of Products You’re Selling

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

It has never been easier to be an entrepreneur. In fact, we’re in a time where social media has made buying and selling very accessible. You can just put a product on your WhatsApp status and have it sell.

However, all that social media entrepreneurship requires pictures. You need to show people what you’re selling. Some people opt for Google images of their products, but when a customer notices, they’re going to feel like it’s false advertising and bail. So, here are some DIY tips for taking high-quality pictures (with your phone) to advertise the products that you’re selling.

1. Use Proper Lighting

Photo by Sarmad Mughal from Pexels

One of the most basic things about any type of photography is that good lighting makes for a good photograph. Without good lighting, things won’t appear how you want them to. Even white appears grey if your lighting isn’t good.

So, when you’re considering where to take a picture of your products, it is best to set up your product facing a window. And if you’re able to take a picture of your product outside, you should definitely do that. The best times are early in the morning and late in afternoon; when the sun is out but not too harsh.

2. Use A Tripod

If online business is something that you do frequently, investing in a tripod stand for your phone, or your camera might not be such a bad idea. Tripods can make a big difference in the clarity of your image; they stabilize your camera from your shaky hand. Tripods also take the blur our of your image.

The great thing is that tripods are not expensive. In fact, you can get one off Jumia.com for as low as GHs13. Check this one out at 13 cedis, or this one at 33 cedis.

3. Take Inspiration From Brand That You Love

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

if you follow a few brands and you love the way that they photograph their products, you can learn from those brands. You’re not going to be able to take a picture as Samsung shooting its new flagship, but you can recreate the things you love about their image. Looking at brand images will provide inspiration to make your own shot better.

4. Use The Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds is another basic principle of photography and art composition. This rule teaches that you divide your canvas into 3 both vertically and horizontally. Instead of placing your product in the focus of your shot, the rule of thirds allows people viewing images to more naturally take the image in. The rule of thirds is explained in two minutes, in the video above.


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