9 Types Of People Watching The #BBNaija Drama Unfold

Images via Twitter//Big Brother Naija

All I have been seeing on my Timeline everywhere is #BBNaija. I do not watch it but I already know there’s a Dorathy and Ozo, a Ka3na (apparently it’s pronounced Katrina) who recently had sex and a Laycon who is considered smart.

So when I saw this post, instead of scrolling past, I looked at it and lol I could relate to one thing at least! If I can, imagine those who binge watch it!!

These are the different types of BBNaija viewers according to Kraks and my impression of them based on my Twitter TL!

These ones come out to play on Fridays and Sundays!!

These ones flood the TL Every. Single. Day!

They’re the reason I know some of the housemates’ names.

The ones who are only interested in knowing who’s going into the house and who won in the end.

These ones actually help those who don’t get to watch the show because they always record some highlights with running commentary

This… This is me and hundreds of others. It’s not like we have a choice cos #BBNaija is always trending!

This is for content creators like Kuulpeeps.com and skit makers all over social media!

Legend has it that every 5 seconds someone tweets “only jobless people watch BBNaija” and “block me if you watch that Big Brother Naija”

They’re probably the reason we know a certain Ka3na had sex with a housemate

These ones really don’t care but I bet the constant posts will have them wondering who wins in the end

Which one are you?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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