8 Funny Nicknames Ghanaians Have For Some Of Their Food

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In Ghana we have an endless option of lots of flavourful meals but one thing we also have is a range of funny names we use for some of our food.

Who gives nicknames to their food?

Ghanaians! That’s who!

Plantain and Beans 

Nickname: Gob3 / Red Red 

It’s Gob3 when gari is added and it’s just plain red red when there’s no gari and it’s just plantain with beans stew.

plantain and beans via Dream Africa


Nickname: Face The Wall 

A meal made from dried and pounded cassava that is eaten mostly with groundnut soup.

kokonte via Hutwise


Nickname: Bro Charles 

Roasted, grilled, boiled, fried… there’s something special about Bro Charles that people love and others hate.

image of pork via Pinterest

Roasted groundnut with corn 

Nickname: Graphic and times 

It’s a very tasty snack and gives you some really pleasant breath when you chew it.

photo of nuts via precious care

Roasted Plantain

Nickname: Kofi Brokeman 

It’s roasted ripe plantain, sold and eaten with groundnuts.

plantain and nuts via Pinterest

Fried rice 

Nickname: Check Check 

The name only applies to fried rice sold by the streets. Any other kind is just fried rice and oh ps: it has to be made by a man!

check check Via Dobbys Signature

Cat meat 

Nickname: Joseph 

Yes, some people eat cat. Don’t ask.

cat meat via Ghanaweb

Ice cream

Nickname: Abele Walls 

Homemade milk ice cream popsicles!

image via YouTube

The next time someone says they’re going to get some Joseph or Bro Charles, you know exactly what they mean!

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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