Here’s A Solution To The Problem Of Paying Your International Tuition Fees To Foreign Universities

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First of all congratulations on gaining admission to any university, let alone one that sees you as a foreign or international student.

Sometimes, making tuition payment from Ghana to your foreign based universities could be difficult. Here’s a solution.

PayMyTuition has partnered with Ecobank to expand its presence into Africa, enabling international students across the continent to simply and easily pay tuition and fees in only minutes.

PayMyTuition is a leading provider of technology-driven global payment processing solutions for international tuition payments, has entered into a landmark partnership with Ecobank Group, enabling African students the ability to pay international tuition and fees seamlessly.

This partnership gives students across the region access to local, in-country collections, as well as the ability to make international tuition payments and receive international tuition refunds with just a click of a button.

It is reported that Africa has one of the fastest-growing middle-class populations in the world, with a growing need of Africans seeking world-class education across the globe.

This, coupled with a population boom that is set to see the continent grow to 2.5 billion people by 2050, means that the region’s demand for higher education could see a dramatic rise in the years ahead. The overall number of African students in the United States hit a record high in 2019 with international students from some countries growing double digits from the previous semester.

Partnering with PayMyTuition will remove the cross-border friction that exists for students when paying tuition and other fees overseas. Utilizing PayMyTuition’s innovative technology will allow students access to local currency payment options for international tuition payments and to receive international refunds simply and easily in the most cost-efficient manner.

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