Characteristics Of Low Porosity Hair

Image of a lady in finger coils. Source: @baje_hair on IG

Porosity refers to how open or closed the cuticle layer is, which is the outermost layer of hair. how well your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture. Higher porosity hair has a very open cuticle layer with more gaps, while low porosity hair is moisture resistant because the cuticle layer is so tightly closed that water molecules are too big to penetrate the hair shaft, so the water just beads up and rolls off of the hair rather than absorbing into it. (Source:

A number of people rely on the float test to determine their hair porosity where you take a clean strand of your hair and place it in a glass full of water. If it drops immediately you have high porosity, if it takes a few minutes before dropping you have medium porosity and if it floats you have low porosity. The issue with this type of test is that it’s not trustworthy and a number of people have complained about it.

So we thought to research on low porosity hair and help you out with some of their characteristics so you just compare your hair with them and then you can tell whether you fall under this type of hair porosity.

1. Your hair struggles to retain moisture

2. Your hair is prone to product buildups

3. When you have your hair underneath running water, it takes a while to get saturated

4. Water tends to just form beads on your hair

5. Products just sit on your hair when you apply them.

6. You usually need heat to activate the products you apply on your hair

7. Your hair takes very long to dry

You shouldn’t be stressed out about your hair and how it isn’t like your friend’s. Everyone’s hair is unique and so you need to be hands on about yours in order to know what it really is like.


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