8 Strange Nigerian Habits That Slowly Become A Lifestyle Unconsciously


Nigerians have strange habits which sometimes makes one wonder who first started the trend. Even foreigners find some of our habits strange at the onset but after spending quality time in Nigeria, the habits become a norm for them. It doesn’t matter what part of Nigeria you are, one of these strange habits will always find a way to influence you.

Here are some strange habits you’ll pick up while living in Nigeria

1. Soaking bread in a cup of tea

Toast bread and Tea Recipe by Ifeoma EjiroOghene Badu Abjm85 - Cookpad

Like seriously? Wouldn’t it become too soft and irritating? And the taste? Yummy!

2. Removing straw from bottles only to gulp it directly

Water drinking GIF on GIFER - by Akirr

Straw is always slowing down business jare. It’s better to drink it “sharparly”

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