5 Hiphop Artistes Who Have Sampled Fela Kuti’s Music

J Cole, Fela Kuti, Kendrick Lamar

2nd August marked 23 years since Fela Kuti passed away. The Nigerian legend’s music is known worldwide for his immense contribution in influencing most of the music we hear today.

Several African artistes refer to him as an inspiration and before we tell you all about the African artistes who have sampled his genuine and authentic sound, here are some of the biggest hiphop artistes who have sampled Fela Kuti.

J. Cole 

J Cole image via Rollingstone

J. Cole’s 2013 album, Born Sinner had a song titled Let Nas Down. The song produced by J. Cole himself was dedicated to his idol, Nas and it was only fitting that he sampled another idol, Fela Kuti’s Gentleman in the production. 


image via The Guardian//Photo credit: Scott Gries/AP

Nas also sampled Fela Kuti’s Na Poi in his popular song, Warrior Song ft Alicia Keys. The song was on Nas’ sixth studio album, God’s Son.

Missy Elliot 

Missy Elliot via YouTube

You’d be surprised but Missy Elliot’s Watcha Gon Do sampled Fela Kuti’s song, Colonial Mentality. The production done by Timbaland at the time made use of Fela’s instrumentation. 

Obie Trice 

Obie Trice via Complex

The American rapper’s song, Spend The Day which featured Drey Skonie sampled Fela Kuti’s Sorrow, Tears and Blood in the production 

Kendrick Lamar 

Kendrick Lamar via GRAMMY.com

Kendrick’s Mortal Man off his To Pimp a Butterfly album actually samples Fela Kuti but… indirectly. He used the saxophonist, Houston Person’s version of Fela’s I No Get Eye For Back 

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