My Studies Abroad: Meet Ghanaian-German Bicultural Student – Kimberley Addy

Photograph of Kimberley Addy via Instagram

Kimberley Addy is a girl who was brought up in two cultures—two very different cultures. She was born to Ghanaian parents living in Germany and she was raised there. As such, her earlier years were spent living the German culture and that way of life. However, Kimberley has also been to Ghana and gone through some phases of school here. She shares that dual-culture experience with us, and what it’s been like being a part of two different worlds.

Home: Berlin, And The First Trip To Ghana

Photograph of Kimberley Addy via Instagram

Kimberly was born in Berlin as the first child of her parents. That was her home. She went to school there and German was her first language. Of course, that was all up until she was 12 years old. At that point, Kimberley’s parents decided to move back to their own home, Ghana.

It was the very first time that Kimberley was coming to the country, and it was a big adjustment for her. When Kimberley came to Ghana, she had to, first of all, adjust to the culture. But that’s not to say that there weren’t also huge positives. For one, it was nice to see a lot of people who looked like her. And back in Germany, the only family that she had known lived in the same house with her. In Ghana though, she met her whole extended family, which she loved.

As for the academic adjustment … that took a little more work. Kimberley needed to adjust to the language here. She had to study English intensively for a year before she could assimilate into the Ghanaian educational system. That also caused her to be held back a year.

When she finally did adjust though, Kimberley thrived in school. In fact, she is rather proud of how well she did on the BECE exam.

University Back In Germany

Photograph of Kimberley Addy via Instagram

After her BECE, Kimberley went to Senior High School here as well. And she found Ghana quickly become the place that she wanted to be. For university, she would have loved to go to the University of Ghana or KNUST. However, things don’t quite work out the way that we want them to a lot of the time.

Eventually, Kimberley and her parents decided that university in Germany was going to be the best thing for her. Just to clarify, at this point, her family lives in Ghana. Going to university in Germany meant that Kimberley would be on her own; which she is.

Currently, Kimberley is studying Petrochemical Engineering. Before that, she did try her hands on a couple of other programs including medicine. However, none of those seemed to be the right fit for her. She’s in her final year as a Petrochemical Engineering student now. And the campus life is … well, not quite what she would have liked it to be.

In Germany, there isn’t much of a campus life in universities. There are no halls—no hall weeks, no hostels and not a whole lot of socializing among students.

Missing Home And Family

Photograph of Kimberley Addy via Instagram

Kimberley is almost done with her program, and she’ll be home soon. But right now, she’s not. And she misses being with her family and eating her mom’s food. She knows it’s going to be another adjustment when she comes back, but she’s excitedly looking forward to it.

Kimberley is someone who believes in finding the thing that you want to do; it’s why she went through different courses to find the right one for her. And now, she’s discovered her interest in pursuing music professionally. She can’t wait to be back home to do that too.

I’m Grateful To Know Two Different Cultures.

—Kimberley Addy



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