Movie Review: The Old Guard Is Streaming Now. You Should Watch It

Official Promo Image for The Old Guard via Netflix

The Old Guard. Now, here’s a movie that should be on your radar. The movie hasn’t been out on Netflix for more than a month and it’s already one of the streaming company’s most popular movies of all time. However, on the Ghanaian side of Twitter, reactions to the movie have been mixed.




Anyway, whether they love it or hate it, a lot of conversations are being had about The Old Guard. So we’ve decided to write you a review.

The Old Guard

The Old Guard is a story about four immortals who are discovered. The movie follows their journey to protect themselves while they simultaneously deal with the birth of another immortal. As far as action movies go, if you just want fight scene after fight scene after fight scene without any depth, then this will fall short. That’s not to say that The Old Guard’s action sequences are lacking. In fact, if you see this movie, you are in for a visual buffet of action set pieces.

The issue that you might have with the movie is the fact that there are some story-lines that are never resolved. That’s because the film doesn’t hide the fact that it is setting up a sequel. All in all though, it is a fresh take on the immortality theme, the cast is very inclusive and the action scenes are so well done that nothing in the film feels forced.

It’s a great movie. Loved the suspense in the beginning when they were set up And shot and they got up. Yeah, loved that part. In all, it was a good movie. I would rate it 7/10.


If you’ve seen The Old Guard let us know what you think. Leave a comment down below.



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