Here’s An Artiste You’re Going To Remember: Spooky The Maniac—Gabriel Ohene Kwasi Addai

Photograph of Spooky The Maniac—Gabriel Ohene Kwasi Addai

Spooky The Maniac—now, that’s not a name that you hear everyday in Ghana. He was born Gabriel Ohene Kwasi Addai in the Western Region of the country. And now, this singer and rapper has his sights set on the biggest stages. Spooky recently graduated from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), and right now, he’s pursuing a career as a musician.

We talk to the artiste and get an insight into the mindset that keeps the young musician’s dream alive. Even in an industry that can be tough at times.

Dad: The Choir Director

Photograph of Spooky The Maniac—Gabriel Ohene Kwasi Addai

Spooky discovered singing early. In fact, by the time that he was four, he was already singing in the choir at church. That’s only natural; Spooky’s father was the director of the church choir. For as far back as Spooky can remember, he’s just wanted to sing. However, it was never something that he had started out seeking as a career path.

The journey into the professional music industry for the artiste started around the time when Spooky was in Senior High School. At Fiji Senior High School—in Sekondi—Gabriel met a lot of other musically inclined people. That’s the point in his journey where Spooky started learning more about music. As someone who had always just been a natural, he began to work more intentionally on his singing, and the technicalities of music production. Spooky picked up rap as well, during his time in high school.

It was around this time that Spooky met Atom. Atom had a dream; to put together his own music studio. And he and Spooky would become attached both musically, and as friends.

Spooky The Maniac—The Name To Remember

Photograph of Spooky The Maniac—Gabriel Ohene Kwasi Addai

As his career has grown, Spooky has performed on a number of different stages. Those performances include a show at the National Theater with Joe Mettle—where the Salem Choir performed a song that he had written. Another performance at a Repu Hall Week was an opportunity to meet some other known Ghanaian artistes. And then there have been several others. Of all those performances though, Spooky’s favourite thus far has been the one at Basilissa. And it’s for sentimental reasons.

Spooky invited his father to that particular show. And this came at a time when his father had not fully aligned with the fact that his son wanted to pursue music professionally. His performance at Basilissa—the crowd’s reaction to the artiste, that entire moment helped Spooky’s father finally understand that this was something that his son could pursue professionally; and it was something that he could excel at. That reaction from his father, to that show, is something that Spooky still treasures.

On their come up, an artiste starts amassing a following—a fan base, you could call it. The feeling of having people who support your work so enthusiastically can be surreal for a lot of artistes. In Spooky’s case he released the single Larry Hoover—named after a fan, which expresses how much he appreciates the support that he gets for his music.

What Is Spooky Up To These Days?

Photograph of Spooky The Maniac—Gabriel Ohene Kwasi Addai

Coronavirus shut a lot of places down. And that includes music studios. Spooky’s work on his latest EP has met a bit of a break, but he expects the EP to be finished sometime later this year. He also has an upcoming song which will feature Medical, Edem and Tulenkey. Spooky is currently also an artiste manager, and The Maniac like to keep busy in general.

As for the future, Spooky hopes to put Sarkodie and Shatta Wale on a song together soon. In the meantime, the artiste still has so many bangers that you can check out.


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