GhudMusic Analysis: Camidoh’s Debut EP Progress On Radio In Ghana

Camidoh statistics
Ghud Music's analysis of Contingency Plan

Ghana’s finest Afropop/RnB singer, record producer and songwriter, Camidoh, has been trending on the Ghanaian airwaves since last two years and this year looks even better for him and his team.

Ghud music, a music monitoring and analysis service provider that digitally monitors and analyzes airplay from over 75 radio stations in all regions across Ghana has presented an analysis of Camidoh’s Contingency Plan EP and how it’s doing in terms of airplay on the radio:

image via GhudMusic

Camidoh’s Contingency Plan E.P was released on the 4th of July 2020 and it has already started making its way onto the Ghud Music charts with 18 radio stations playing his songs within the period.

“Maria” made its appearance on the Ghud music’s Urban chart and General chart, within the first week of its release at number 2 and number 8 respectively with Live FM, Citi FM and Pluzz FM being the stations that played the EP the most.

image via GhudMusic

Judging from Camidoh’s airplay data, his #CPMediaTour has clearly contributed enormously to the album release. Camidoh is indeed one of our finest talented acts who has made sure to stay relevant since his entry into the music industry.

We look forward to more surprises and great tunes from Camidoh and his team in the upcoming months.

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Source: GhudMusic’s Data Analyst

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