Everyone Should Have A Blog. Here’s How To Create An Awesome One

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One popular opinion that people need to let go of is that only writers have blogs. When in fact, so many people have interesting ideas to share. Starting a blog sometimes seems like so much to do. But it’s really not. You just need to get it started. And we’re here to help. It shouldn’t take an hour to get your blog up and running, unless of course, you’re a perfectionist who wants to get everything right.

Where To Create Your Blog

There are various services that you can use to get your blog set-up. And, among those there are some that you can use for free.


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Even if you have never given serious thought to starting a blog, I’m sure you’ve heard of WordPress.com. WordPress is one of most widely used blogging services. And it is easily accessible. All you have to do is go to the WordPress home page here and click on “Start Your Blog.” From there the process is straight-forward. A free blog will have the address yoursitename.wordpress.com.


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Wix.com is another of the more impressive services that you can use to get your blog started. It comes packed with a lot of features and customization options as well. And similar to WordPress.com, it is fairly simple to set up a Wix.com blog. Go to the Wix website here and click “Start Now.” A free blog will have the address yoursitename.wixsite.com.


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A third service that you can use is Blogger.com. This time the focus is on simplicity and ease of access. You can still customize your blog to suit your tastes. Just got the Blogger website here and click “Create Your Blog” to start. A free blog will have the address yoursitename.blogspot.com.

How To Get The Look Right

After you’ve created your blog. It’s time to customize it and put your personal brand on it. It’s time to get it looking just how you want. The customization process though, can get a bit confusing at times. Here are some videos to help, using each of the three services that we have already talked about.


On WordPress, you can choose a theme, and then after that you can edit whatever theme that you’ve chosen. The video below shows you how to customize a WordPress theme.


On Wix.com you can customize your blog by following the short video below.


Finally, for Blogger.com, here is a step-by-step guide to customize your website.

Time To Post

Now, a lot bloggers feel some pressure to post a bunch. But honestly, this is something that you should enjoy. It shouldn’t feel like work. Stick to posting schedule that works for you. If you want to post once every two-weeks, that’s fine. Once a month? That works too. It’s your blog; you should decide how things are going to be. And remember to share your posts. It’s easier to get into the blogging habit when you feel like you have an audience.

You blog should be fun for you. Go into it with that mindset and you’ll enjoy the experience. Good luck!


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