I’m Scared To Have Sex – My Celibacy Story

Today’s anonymous contributor is a 24-year-old female called Miss D who is a student in one of the Universities in Ghana

My whole celibacy journey has been mainly because of God. We’ve been told to stay away from sex till marriage and to be quite frank, the thought of sex scares me.

“A number of people talk about how painful it is for the first time and they really discourage me from trying anything. This also fuels my being celibate”.

It’s been really really long since I was in a relationship but even then, I wasn’t pressured into having sex.

I try to keep my mind off the thought of it. Almost all the friends around me have sex. There’s one who has even given birth. They tell me it’s nothing but still; I don’t want to do it.

My cousins and I talk a lot about waiting for marriage until we have sex. Sometimes the pressure is there to do it so you have experience and all of that but at the end of the day, I still have the fear of sex in me. There’s also the God-factor where I want to wait to please Him. These 2 things help keep my mind off sex and helps me be celibate.

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