Here’s How To Join The EC’s Digital Queue For The Voter’s Register

Voter Registration Exercise . Photo credit: Graphic

Are people waking up at dawn to queue for the ongoing voter registration exercise?

Or are they resulting to using stones to queue?

Most of you have decided not to go and queue for long hours because you don’t have the time to or because you are keeping safe from COVID-19 – which is a good thing to do.

The Electoral Commission has come up with an answer for you – book an appointment digitally and show up at the registration centre when your appointment is due.

Here is how to get yourself into the Priority Queue:

  1. 1. Dial #769#
  2. 2. Select option 3 (event management)
  3. 3. Choose option 1 to “check in to event or venue”
  4. 4. Enter your registration centre code and wait for a text message with details of a slot in the priority queue at your local registration centre.
  5. 5. Show up on the allocated date and time and register.

This Priority Queue system is going to be used for this voter registration, the exhibition of the voter register and possibly during elections.


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