Foundation Brush Vs Beauty Blender; Which Is Better For Foundation Application

The perfect foundation is needed as a clean base on which you can get the perfect look but the application makes all the difference.

If you don’t apply your makeup well and blend it out properly you’ll look like a caricature and this is why a number of women keep asking this question.

Foundation brush vs beauty blenders. Which is the better option?

The thing is, everyone has their preference. Try both and see which works best for you. Here are some pros and cons of both. You can also weigh these and make your choice.

1. Coverage

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Using a sponge gives an extremely blended, flawless finish. A brush allows for really concentrated placement. (Source:

2. Cleaning

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With the correct cleanser, we find that the foundation brush cleans easily off the bristles.

The sponge absorbs a lot of makeup. Over time, it’s is difficult to wash all of the built-up foundation out of and off of the sponge. (Source:

3. Cost

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Different brands have their own brushes and the cost differs as well but when comparing both, you find that the brushes are more expensive. They also need to be replaced often. Even though beauty blenders are less expensive, because they get product buildup in them a lot of times, it’s hard to clean and so a lot of people replace them often.

4. Application

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Beauty blenders are so easy to use and you don’t even need to worry about going in the wrong direction like many makeup brush horror stories have told you over the years. The brand advocates a “wet, squeeze, bounce” method for perfect, airbrushed results. It pats the product into your skin. Also, beauty blenders are considered as blending tools. Many foundation tutorials will teach you to apply the product with a brush, and then to buff and bounce it out with the Beauty Blender. (Source:

If you want to go with using a foundation brush, try the The Iconic London HD blend base set of the Kabuki brush revelation. It provides a naturally light, blended look, only using the tiniest amount of product. (Source:

Don’t forget to wet your beauty blenders before using them.


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