Compression Sleeves: What They Are And Why You Need Them

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Compression socks or leg sleeves also called compression sleeves are stretchy and comfortable socks/stockings that help with blood flow in your legs. If you constantly have pains in your legs, you’d find these socks/stocking/sleeves very very helpful.

They aren’t something new you haven’t seen before. It’s what most footballers and athletes put on during their games.

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I’m not an athlete so why do I need them?

If you love to workout, wearing compression sleeves help improve your workout time because there’s less pain in your legs and you’d definitely feel less sore in your leg muscles after hitting those squats or going for a long run.

It’s not just limited to sports enthusiasts. Anyone can use them as long as you are someone who spends a lot of time standing, sitting or maybe you just have a lot of pain in your legs all the time.

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Sitting for long periods usually means you’re barely using your calves. Meaning, the blood is pooling down in your legs and when you stand, you need a moment because your legs feel numb.

Now if you are someone who’s on their feet for long periods at work, wearing compression socks/sleeves will make your legs feel less tired at the end of the day!

Yhup, that’s the power of the smooth blood circulation.

Where can I get some?

You can easily get some from they’ve got a variety is all colours, cool patterns so you can still wear them comfortably and still make a fashion statement if you have to. If you are looking at getting it in bulk and wholesale prices, hit them up here.


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