101 Reasons Why No One Wants To Eat This Waakye

hyper realistic cakes
image via Instagram @nuelcakes//Instagram

Imagine you are given waakye to eat. You put your hand in and then, instead of hot steaming rice and beans with shito…

you find out it’s CAKE!!


Hyper-realistic cakes are being made by cake makers everywhere. They are making cakes that look like normal every day things and yesterday, we saw one by a Ghanaian cake maker, @nuelcakes and…we are so so hurt!

Originally tweeted by Freyr (@itsjeffagainlol) on July 29, 2020.

The whole of GH is hurt.

How dare they make a waakye cake?!! The sacred Ghanaian meal?

We are definitely impressed at how realistic it looks that is why we are all so hurt!

This what others had to say about it:

On behalf of all Ghanaians:

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