Netflix Showcases Nuclear Apocalypse In ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Opening Scene

Netflix Showcases Nuclear Apocalypse In 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Opening Scene

Ahead of its premiere at the end of the week, Netflix has revealed the opening sequence to The Umbrella Academy‘s second season. The trailer sets us right in the 1960s, as previous trailers have shown the Hargreeves siblings teaming up once again to stop the Apocalypse from happening, as it seemingly followed them during their time-jump.

In the footage below, Five comes out of a vortex on November 25, 1963, to find his siblings fighting in the middle of a destroyed Dallas, Texas. Soviet tanks are attacking as the brothers and sisters defend themselves from the onslaught. The action sequence is filmed pretty stylistically in one single take, all scored to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Soon enough, someone grabs Five out of nowhere quoting The Terminator, and shepherds him off the battlefield to save his family from the oncoming nuclear strike.

The scene appears to take place directly after the events of the season one finale, which saw sibling Vanya’s (Ellen Page) ability bring forth an apocalypse in their 2019 timeline. It appears the series will serve as a soft reboot of the first season, introducing audiences to forthcoming destruction while our main characters deal with individual drama.

The Umbrella Academy is based on a comic book series of the same name by My Chemical Romance artist Gerard Way. The series follows six superpowered siblings adopted and raised by an eccentric and abusive father that reunite as adults following his death.

The second season of The Umbrella Academy drops on Netflix July 31.

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