Ghanaian Artist Priscilla Kennedy Blends Her Figurative Paintings With Embroidery

Ghanaian Artist Priscilla Kennedy Blends Her Figurative Paintings With Embroidery

In 2017 Ghanaian Artist Priscilla Kennedy made Ghana proud by winning the prestigious L’Atelier art awards by Barclays Africa and SANAVA with her art Untitled 2016, which takes a jab at the social stereotype that women are tools of seduction.

According to Contemporary Art Ghana, Priscilla Kennedy works and lives in Kumasi, Ghana. She is sensitive towards the sexual aspects of humanity. She finds interest in objects and materials that has certain social or personal relationship/connection with society or people. Some of her works embody figurative paintings with the process of embroidery.

He Got Served, 2016 Priscilla Kennedy

She personally perceives some of her pieces as paintings that speak with the language of embroidery as part of the concept and not the center of focus.

Superior Subordinates ,2017 by Priscilla Kennedy

She challenges and inserts stereotypical/seductive female embroidered forms into patriarchal hegemonic cultural symbols such as keffiyehs and masculine kente fabrics. Kennedy believes that fabrics are more than just fancy surfaces and speak more than we could ever hear. With regard to materials, Kennedy believes in the idea of common vocabulary in the use of familiar materials with reference to their personal or cultural meanings.

Sara 2017 Side A Priscilla Kennedy

Kennedy is currently pursuing her MFA in Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology with the Department of Painting and Sculpture precisely.

The Sun’s Flower-2017, Priscilla Kennedy

Source: Kuulpeeps

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