First Jobs: Working At The Cinema With Edith

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Money makes the world go round. And so, we get jobs to get money. Sometimes these jobs are uncomfortable, exhausting and even emotionally draining. Other times, however, our jobs can be enjoyable. Edith’s first job was working at the Odeon Cinema. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at the cinema?

It’s Fun Working At The Cinema

College is one of those periods where you end up having a lot of free time on your hands. In fact, while she was at the Wolverhampton University in England, Edith had so much free time that at 19 she worked at the Odeon Cinema. And part-time jobs weren’t unusual in the UK. By 17 a lot of teenagers—growing adults—already had jobs.

Living in Ghana, it’s hard to imagine that kind of financial independence at that age. Even our first working experiences end up being internships that are usually unpaid. Just perfect.

Anyway, there are three jobs that you’re going to be doing if you work at the cinema. One; you’re going to be selling popcorn, two; you’re going to be selling tickets or three; you’re going to be that lucky person inside of the theater keeping an eye on things. At the Odeon Cinema, where Edith worked, shifts were rotated so that everyone got to work each of those jobs.

Now, for a popcorn lover, there’s hardly a better place to work than the cinema. In addition to the free popcorn—every single day—there were also free slushies. Any job that comes with snacks as part of the package is dreamy, right? And once every week, the cinema’s employees could also bring three of their friends to see a movie.

A job at the cinema is obviously fun. But in the end a job is still a job.

Late Working Hours And The Worst Part Of The Job

Edith worked part-time at the cinema, on the days when she was off from school. As far as supervision goes, they didn’t really have “bosses.” They just went about their work. And apart from when they clocked in, and when there were changes in shifts, they didn’t interact much with their supervisors.

Speaking about the money … for a university student with no obligations it was just extra spending cash—it was enough.

You know cinemas stay open till late. And you can usually find the last showing going on till past midnight. But here’s something that you might not have realized as a movie-goer. When everyone finally leaves the theater, someone has to clean the place up. For Edith … that was the worst part of the job. It was an otherwise very enjoyable working experience, but if you were on cleaning duty, sometimes that meant that you would have to stay until really late in order to clean up all sorts of messes.

This series gives you a passenger seat view at all the jobs that people work in order to get some working experience. These are the jobs that people are just passing through; these are the First Jobs.


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